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The contents of number 6`2011

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The articles not placed on site:
  • Panorama. (Includes information about results of work of Antonov Serial Plant in 2011; ferry flight of the first An-32B constructed for Iraq from Kyiv to Baghdad; delivery of two upgraded assault aircraft Su-25M1 to Ukrainian AF; take-off of the third prototype of advanced T-50 Russian fighter; delivery of the first serial A-50U ECM aircraft to Russian AF; delivery of the initial batch of Yak-130 combat trainers to Algeria; new Chinese Gaoxin-6 anti-ship airplane and other reports. 11 photos).
  • Flying leopard. (A Monograph about Chinese JH-7 supersonic fighter bomber, which has been serially produced since the middle of 1990s. 48 photos, drawings in scale of 1:72).
  • On the debris of Great and Mighty state. (The article about military aviation of the countries appeared after collapse of the Soviet Union. The first part is about aviation of defence forces of the USSR in the middle of 1990s and forming of AF of post-Soviet Baltic states. 8 photos).
  • Precursor of a new epoch. (An article about experimental S-22I supersonic aircraft with variable sweep. This material complements the monograph about Su-7B published in the earlier magazine issue. 9 photos, drawing in scale of 1:72).
  • Tupolev-134 from the pilots point of view. (Memories of a pilot of Zaporozhye united air detachment. 3 photos).
  • One of many. (A story about little known Hero of Soviet Union pilot-fighter Michail Zelenkin, who brought down 32 airplanes of the enemy during Great Patriotic War. 11 photos, colour schemes of 5 aircraft).
  • Giants in the sky of Ukraine. (An article about air route between Germany and Ukraine, on which Zeppelin-Staaken R.XIV aircraft powered by 5 engines were operated. 8 photos).
  • Bombs explosion with tango sounds. (A part of the article about uses of aircraft in numerous revolutions in Argentina in the second half of the last century. 19 photos, colour schemes of 5 aircraft).
  • New visit of old lady. (Review of the modern plastic models kits of various versions of English Electric Canberra bomber produced in three scales. 2 photos).
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