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The contents of number 3`2006

Cover of number

The articles not placed on site:
  • Panorama. (Includes information about famous aircraft designer P.V.Balabuyev, who was 75 years old; 95th anniversary of SE "Odesaviaremservice"; start of regular non-stop flights between Kyiv and New York performed by Delta Air Lines; plans of An-148 production at Kyiv aviation plant AVIANT; operations of the 56th Independent Helicopter Detachment of AF of Ukraine in Liberia and other reports. 5 photos).
  • ILA-2006. (Information about Berlin Air Show held in Shonefeld airport within May 16-21. 9 photos).
  • "Aviasvit-XXI" grows stronger. (An article about the 5th International Air Show held in Gostomel town near Kyiv within June 8-12. 4 photos).
  • Dmytro Kiva, General Designer: the first meeting. (General Designer of ANTONOV ASTC tells about current status of the enterprise and aviation industry of Ukraine as a whole. 1 photo).
  • Is B-36 the last argument of America? (An article of Monograph rubric about strategic bomber B-36 Peacemaker, one of the biggest aircraft in the world, created in the USA later 1940s. 42 photos, color schemes of 3 aircraft, drawings in scale of 1:144).
  • Sukhoy-type jet fighters – the first attempt. (The last part of the article telling about the first jet fighters creation headed by P.O.Sukhoy. Story about Su-11 aircraft. 3 photos, drawing in scale of 1:72; layout of the unrealized project Su-13).
  • P-40 fighters in the Soviet aviation. (The last part of the article about using Tomahawks and Kittyhawks in the Great Patriotic War. 9 photos, color schemes of 6 aircraft).
  • From the former river-bed of Dnieper to the coasts of Baikal. (An article devoted to engineers- enthusiasts, who are designing and constructing wing-in-ground effect crafts for 40 years. 12 photos).
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