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The contents of number 2`2003

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The articles not placed on site:
  • Panorama (Includes information about taking out the An-148 fuselage from the jig; take-off of the second An-140 prototype produced in Iran; start of flight tests of Northrop Grumman X-47A Pegasus unmanned aircraft, Bombardier Global 5000 business aircraft, Bell/Agusta BA 609 convertiplane; unique transport operation on carrying Ukrainian military staff to Kuwait performed by the Il-76; other reports. 5 photos)
  • The war was started (The article describing correlation of combat aviation forces and beginning of the air war in Iraq. 4 photos, map of Iraqi airbases disposition)
  • It flies anywhere in the sky (An article of Monograph rubric devoted to the famous long-liver An-2 aircraft. 78 photos, drawings in scale of 1:72)
  • Yak-23 fighter intended for export delivery (An article that closes the cycle devoted to the first production jet fighters developed by A.Yakovlev. 19 photos, drawings in scale of 1:72, colourings of 5 aircraft)
  • LCA India's pride (The article about Indian program of a light fighter and test flights of experimental prototypes constructed within this program. 2 photos)
  • Behind the Great Wall (The last part of the article devoted to the up-to-date Chinese fighters. 6 photos)
  • Night warfare in the sky of Korea (The last part of the article about combat missions of Soviet night fighters during 1951-53. 4 photos)
  • "Red" Italian (The article about Italian pilot Iosip Krizay fighting in Spain on the side of Republicans. 7 photos, colourings of 5 aircraft)
  • Appendix called Aviamodelizm Ukrainy (Aircraft Modelling of Ukraine) No.12003 (Special issue of Federation of Aircraft Modelling Sport of Ukraine. 6 articles, 7 photos, planned schedule of competitions on aircraft and rocket modeling on 2003).
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